Getting Started

You may have come here from a search engine, or from one of our many social media accounts. Either way, WELCOME! If you’re a small business owner, we’d like to get you listed in our directory for your area, or if you’re mobile, all the directories that your business covers. Don’t worry, all of the Basic Listings are free. To keep spammy listings down, we approve listings manually throughout the day.

Let’s get started!

First, you’ll need to select the directory for the area where you do business. Use the drop down menu link labeled “Directories” to find the one closest to you.
Second, sign up/register on that directory. This enables you to come back later and edit your listing if your phone, address, email or any other change comes along.
Third, once you’re registered, click the Create Listing button and you’re on your way!

The system will open forms and walk you through your listing! If you created an account on the directory, you’ll be able to log back in at any time and make changes to your listing.

What does a Basic Listing include?

  • Your business name
  • Description. For best results, no more than a paragraph or two.
  • Full address, city, state, zip (if you’re in a storefront. If you work from home, don’t worry about this part)
  • 1 web URL. This can be your .com website, or a link to your social media group or page. Network Members are able to fill out more.
  • 2 business phone numbers
  • Contact name
  • Contact email. If you fill out the box with your business email, any visitor to the directory can click and send you an email through our site. **Your email is NOT shown on the directory.



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